Invisible disability

When thinking about disabilities, whether temporary or permanent, we can often see the disability. Walkers, canes, casts, braces, and crutches are tell tale signs! When disaster strikes, we shift into high gear and make things happen to make homes accessible.

Invisible disabilities are not that easy! These illnesses have a more insidious onset and develop over time such as heart disease, lung disease, Parkinson’s or neuropathy. In cases like this, an individual has slow and progressive changes. Perhaps the environment isn’t the first thought in this case. Reality is, that the lack of environmental preparation can lead to struggles that promote loss of function and independence. The extra steps to prepare a meal or the need to transport a laundry basket can become impossible or result in a traumatic visible disability when falls occur!

Aging in place and home modification are important for everyone. From light fixtures to the location of the toilet, each detail matters. Reducing risks, saving time and energy, and planning for the future will help make sure you are prepared for visible and invisible disability. We cannot hide from aging! Beat those disabilities before they beat you by investing in an aging in place consultation!

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