Happy heart

Years ago when I chose Occuaptional Therapy as a career, I clearly had no idea how fulfilling it would be. Today I had the opportunity to be involved in a learning experience like no other in my career. My heart is full to the rim!

A few months ago, I struck up a conversation with our school robotics teacher to see if he would partner in a project. The project was called Go Baby Go and involved custom modifying a electric ride on car for a child with a disability. Over the past week I have learned that we have some awesome teachers in our district, parent mentors, and engaged students. The end product surpassed my expectations in many ways. Beyond the child, this project was about teaching children about disabilities and Occuaptional Therapy. It was about understanding that everyone has the opportunity to play at a level to match their ability. Most importantly, it was about giving back to the community.

It is easy to get wrapped up in your day and not take the time to realize what is going on around you. So many amazing things are happening right here in our communities! Occupational Therapy has brought so much to my life and I’m so happy in could share my career with the future today!

Find your passion. Love what you do. Give back.

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