NextSolutions Consultations

Solutions 4 Home has announced an exciting new partnership with NextHome Prime Real Estate. This partnership is sure to bring your home buying experience to the next level! If you have ever watched the hit TV show “Love it or List it”, you have a preview of the exciting things happening right here close to home. NextSolutions Consultations are similar in concept, however focus less on the look of your home and more on the long term functionality. NextSolutions aims to ensure your home can be your forever home.

Solutions 4 Home, LLC was founded in 2019 to bridge a gap in modern healthcare and promote successful aging in place for homeowners. I have worked in Occupational Therapy for over 20 years, the majority of these years have been spent in long term care. Throughout my career, I have identified one common trend in the ability for seniors to successfully return or stay home following injury or illness- the environment! So often, the home that the individual has loved their whole life does not match the abilities of the homeowner during times in life when injury or illness strikes. Additionally, time is of the essence when individuals are discharging from healthcare facilities. There is not time or money to complete renovations at that point in the game! This experience coupled with an Executive Certificate in Home Modification is the base of Solutions 4 Home, LLC.

Next Home Prime Real Estate has the knowledge and experience to guide you in your home buying experience. The reality is, not all homes are ‘move in ready’ and sometimes may not seem a perfect fit. Garrick and his team now have new tools to enhance your success in the process. NextSolutions Consultations can be suggested when those difficult situations present themselves in relation to accessibility and functionality for the future of a potential home purchase. These consultations are a great way to help with visioning or planning a potential remodel, especially in the key areas such as entry, kitchen, laundry and bathroom. On the flip side, perhaps you are considering selling your home, but have not spent time visioning what could make your home more marketable. This is another great opportunity to enhance the value of your home!

Exciting and innovative things are happening in our communities! We look forward to helping you with your NextSolutions!

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