NextSolutions Consultation: What’s all the fuss about?

NextSolutions Consultations are a new service this summer with Solutions 4 Home. I thought it was time to provide an example of what this service can do for you! Here’s a sneak peek!

Customer (middle age family): We are interested in knowing what can be done to make a master bedroom and bathroom on our main floor so we can stay in our home as we age. Currently there is a very small bathroom, no laundry and lots of wasted space!

Consultation with Solutions 4 Home: Amy set up a time to visit the home and carefully listen to the needs of the customer. From maintaining the character of the home to changing functionality of spaces, every detail is important. The goals were established to have accessible bath, laundry, and bedroom in a pre established space. Measurements were taken, structure and potential limitations were generally assessed, and ideas discussed. Recommendations were provided related to potential issues to discuss with contractors as well. Older homes are full of ‘character’ and surprises! By evening, Amy was able to send a rough sketch of potential remodel of the space. The sketch includes accessible shower option, change in doorway locations, eliminating an unnecessary hallway to add space to bathroom, planning for future washer/dryer space, and planning for potential disability with room for devices and grab bars. A summary letter accompanies the sketch to provide high level overview of important factors to consider with fixtures, framing, lighting, electrical, and finishes.

End result: Customer has an idea of what potential the space has including important design features that will enhance ability to age in place. From framing to placement of fixtures, all details are important as you age. For this customer, remodel is a future goal. They are now able to focus on enhancing the potential of a home they love instead of thinking about finding a new home because they don’t have main floor accessibility! It’s a win-win!

Next level? Sometimes, a customer may be ready to start this remodel. Solutions 4 Home can help with the next level as well! In the process of a build or remodel, there are many decisions to make from finishes to changes in plans. Having a professional engaged in bridging the gap between you and the contractor to ensure the long term solution will meet your needs is invaluable!

Young, old or anything in between….you are always the right age to think about aging in place. Life takes some crazy turns when we least expect it! Let’s Solutions 4 Home, Next Home, and Next Solutions Consultations help you find (or keep) your forever home!

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