An ounce of prevention is worth….

As the old saying goes, a little bit of prevention can go a long way! What gets in the way of prevention? As an Occupational Therapist, I have witnessed habits and routines to be an important factor in prevention. Habits and routines can be one of our biggest barriers or they can be supportive to our daily routines. Think about your day from start to finish. I’m confident you can identify a lot of habits and routines in your day! Where do you place your hair dryer? Do you brush your teeth first or last? What order do you complete your soaping routine in the shower? When do you start your coffee? What is the first thing you do when you get the office? Our lives are deeply embedded with routines and the bathroom is the place where our days begin and end, making it a very important place to consider for home modification.

The National Institute on Aging estimates that nearly 80% of falls in persons over the age of 65 happen in the bathroom. Statistics like this make the bathroom one of the most important places in our home to implement safe habits and routines. From the time toddlers grow into school age children, a habit is formed in standing to shower. For the largest part of our adult life, standing in the shower every day is something we do mindlessly. It is a normal routine. At some point, every one of us will find ourselves in a situation where standing to shower is not safe any longer. What prevents us from sitting to shower? Perhaps it is our pride, determination to be independent, something we hadn’t even thought about or simply that a change in routine that seems like a hassle. Whatever the reason, this habit can have great consequence when a fall happens. Hip/arm fractures and bumps on the head prove time and time again that not responding to the need to adapt our environment or routines in the bathroom is full of hard lessons! Seated showering is an example of a very simple habit and routine change with big payoffs in the long run.

Habits and routines can be supportive and very important as we age. Developing healthy habits can help prevent falls in the home or save time and energy. Solutions 4 Home provides consultations to strong and healthy individuals looking to find the ‘ounce of prevention’ in order to age in place gracefully. By getting to know the customer, their goals, and their current habits and routines, I am able to help with developing a solution that is customized. Anyone can sell or install a walk in shower to meet your goal of not stepping over a tub, but the importance of matching the solution to the individuals need is where Solutions 4 Home helps you get a step ahead. From finishes to lighting and space design, every aspect is important!

I look forward to seeing how this consultation leads to a beautiful, functional and SAFE bathing environment! Are you ready to improve safety for yourself or a loved one? Contact Solutions 4 Home TODAY!

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